A letter of complaint to your principal about your canteen

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A letter of complaint to your principal about your canteen

People were objecting because coming from a white blonde lady, as opposed to from the original artist, those lyrics come off as pretty racist. Lily in NYC February 1, at 1: I see so many guys with flat butts here. February 1, at My back is not going flat against that wall. This sounds like a perfect example.

This is not normal. I W February 1, at I hate when work tries to encroach into your private sphere. At what sounds like an office job why is their so much training needed to lift boxes? And, that has nothing to do with ergonomics. That director is so misguided and setting people up to get injured on the job.

OP February 1, at Working Mom February 1, at I used to be a personal trainer, and I would often have the clients ask me if I would come to their office and give a talk about nutrition, exercise, etc.

A letter of complaint to your principal about your canteen

Anyway — What I see here is the boss has a personal trainer, and the trainer has helped boss improve his quality of life.

If I were OP, I would approach the boss and convey the following: I completely understand the goal here — to help us all stay healthy and strong, and I appreciate the effort. Unfortunately, I think the setting was all wrong.

It felt like a gym class, at work — and several of us were pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing. Maybe even suggest taking ergonomics to the next level — make standing desks available for those who would like them?

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Compliment the boss on his great idea, and then suggest more work-appropriate ways to convey healthy and safety information. Paige February 1, at 2: And it is not unusual for such jobs to have instruction on how to lift safely to avoid injury to yourself, to others, and to the product.

But I am surprised by how many readers just assume every writer is in a white-collar office, this seemed so clearly not the case. Manual handling training has to be given by accredited safety trainers, not by personal trainers.

Lora February 1, at I mean yes, you should have training on safe lifting if lifting things is something in the job. Basically plastic bins that create handles on a box so you can lift it properly. Little hoists are cheap. This is not lifting safety training. This is a bunch of nonsense. Would it be possible to suggest that you need additional training from someone accredited so the Director can see what real training is?

February 1, at 6:Cause List of SHC.

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It is Conveyed to all concerned that complaint and informatiom to ne faxed/sent to Liaison /Coordination Committee constituted at High Court of Sindh at Principal Seat Karachi for general Elections A parent or student can raise a concern or complaint if they think that the school or a staff member has done something wrong, failed to do something it should have done or acted unfairly or impolitely.

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