Business plan inovatif

Climate Coal Health Demand IT companies rethink technology Imagine if the data centres that drive our internet were powered by renewable energy, rather than dirty coal.

Business plan inovatif

And how does HR play a critical role in fostering innovation? Business plan inovatif i4cp's newest report, Human Capital Practices that Drive Innovationhuman capital professionals were asked to rate their organizations' effectiveness across eight types of innovation, including often overlooked elements such as product development and process effectiveness innovation.

By creating an index of effectiveness scores, combined with i4cp's Market Performance Index rating for each respondent, i4cp was able to determine the top ten human capital practices that not only drive innovation, but are also correlated to overall market performance.

The best news is that all of the practices that were found to be the most effective were those on which HR could have immediate impact -- from seemingly small things like promoting values to major changes such as the creation of online forums to foster new ideas.

business plan inovatif

Allow those creative minds the flexibility and space to create. Innovation is one of the largest differentiators between high- and low-performing organizations, and the battle for that innovative talent is heating up once again.

The most effective companies find the brightest minds earlier than their competitors -- sometimes even before graduation.

Qualcomm leverages an intern program to attract technical talent from top universities, and encourages its best performers to return to their schools as "campus ambassadors. When the creative ideas come flowing in, the next step is to create gates that allow purposeful review of those ideas, so that budgets for new projects can be allocated correctly.

Provide internal training in creativity and innovation practices. Innovation and creativity levels vary from person to person, but that doesn't mean those abilities can't be improved. Research shows there are proven methods of improving the innovation process in the brain - take advantage of these.

Capital One Financial provides employee teams with the time, tools, training and settings to address specific business challenges in creative ways. Put in place discrete budgets to fund innovation projects external to the enterprise i. Don't limit your avenues of innovation -- many groundbreaking ideas come from unlikely sources, and when it comes to innovation, more is almost always better.

Even small rewards can be enough to interest customers in submitting their ideas. There's innovation happening all the time at your organization -- without a way to harness and showcase that creativity, much of it could be going to waste. You can't buy creativity, but you can show that innovation is a key component of your organization by rewarding the innovative minds in your business.

Flextronics has instituted programs that reward creative ideas and innovations monetarily and through recognition. It has two bi-yearly awards focused specifically on innovation -- one chosen for the best idea and results overall, the other for the best cost reduction idea.

Include innovation as a major competency in leadership development plans. At 3M, innovation and leadership are linked directly, and innovation is part of each leader's responsibility. Define and promote organizational values related to innovation.

Having an explicit message that innovation is important creates a more robust environment for innovation, and can allow employees to feel safer when taking the risks necessary for successful innovation. By using forums, intranets, and other media for group efforts, top companies are able to gather ideas from a diverse group of employees and sometimes even customers and company outsiders.

IBM did some research on their online communications and found that the more sources of diversity that were represented the more productive, engaged, and inter-communicative people were. Creating avenues for communication and championing policies that embrace more input from social media can help find those diverse viewpoints A more detailed examination of these findings can be found in i4cp's Human Capital Practices that Drove Innovation i4cp membership required.

Also contained within that report are more recommendations of actions that can be taken to improve innovation, and further examples from some of the leaders in innovation today: Innovation may seem uncontrollable, but it turns out that there really are ways you can harness it at your own organization.Kami mendengar setiap kebutuhan dan mengembangkannya menjadi solusi-solusi inovatif yang ditangani langsung oleh tim yang handal.

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business plan inovatif

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