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Summary of MetOp main features and performances The MetOp operational meteorological mission objectives consist of: To provide cloud imagery for forecasting applications, sea surface temperatures SSTradiation budget temperatures. To support regional weather forecasting by providing broadcasted data to local receiving stations when the satellite is in visibility.

Esoc board

Chen, Hunan University; Y. Donnelly, Cypress Semiconductor; H. Loveless, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; M. Massengill, Vanderbilt Esoc board The ionizing radiation effects spectroscopy IRES technique for measurement of TID in voltage-controlled oscillators designed in a nm bulk CMOS technology shows minor increases in operating frequency, and increased temporal variation with dose.

Holbert, Arizona State University; R. Marinella, Sandia National Laboratories Conductive bridging random access memory cells were exposed to heavy ions of different mass and energy to separate total ionizing dose TID effects from displacement damage. Radiation effects were found to be dominated by TID.

Zhao, Beihang University; Y. Zhao, Beijing Micoelectronics Esoc board Institute Total ionizing dose tolerance of a double-interface perpendicular anisotropy film stacks was experimentally evaluated through a gamma source.

The coercivity increased with the irradiation doses, whereas no variation was observed for the saturation magnetization. The study examines h-BN thickness and graphene channel length on a large number of samples.

This effect is associated to the halo implantations, which increase the radiation tolerance of short channel transistors.

Shu, Harbin Institute of Technology; Y. Zhao, Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute Irradiation conductance modulation model for high voltage SOI LDMOS is proposed to reveal the linear drain current degradation mechanism, which provides a method to achieve the irradiation damage evaluation for the drift region.

Key device parameters such as breakdown voltages and leakage currents were characterized and showed strong dependences on radiation conditions. We report on differences in post-irradiation hot pixel population, trap species, and CTI, including after annealing. Young, Micropac Industries, Inc.

Salzman, Salzman Engineering We examine the effects of MeV proton irradiation on two different sizes of bipolar phototransistors used in Micropac optocoupler packages. The radiation response is shown to be related to device mask layout. The main result is the proton irradiation prevents the increase of the dark current due to the later total ionizing dose.

Hu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B. Li, University of Minnesota; Y. Huang, Aalto University Gamma-ray induced radiation damage is studied in silicon carbide materials and photonic devices, both in-situ and ex-situ. Our results reveal that radiation hard photonic device can be made by engineering waveguide dimension.

Fang, National University of Defense Technology The neutron irradiation was performed on the arrayed topological insulator heterostructure based photodetectors. The variations of the electrical characteristics were analyzed on I-V curve, dark current, open circuit voltage and short circuit current.

Overcoming the Radiation Threat J. Shifts are much smaller for lower-rate Cs irradiation. Radiation hardness assurance for deep space electronic devices should consider this effect.

Witulski, Vanderbilt University Complications of identifying radiation effects in electromechanical sensors in the presence of mechanical variation are discussed. A corresponding analysis method is developed to separate radiation degradation effects from expected sensing variation due to mechanical tolerance.

Simulation and experimental results show good correlation and suggest this platform as a complementary tool within the radiation hardness assurance flow. Fleetwood, Vanderbilt University A temperature-switching irradiation TSI sequence based on first-principles understanding of interface-trap buildup and annealing is shown to be a practical and conservative test for ELDRS in linear bipolar devices and ICs.

Goeders, Brigham Young University; H. This technique increased the mean work to failure of a MSP by seven times in a neutron radiation beam.

Salas, Sandia National Labs; J. Schrimpf, Vanderbilt University; R. MRED is used to identify potential single-event susceptibilities associated with different layouts prior to fabrication. Cressler, Georgia Institute of Technology; A. Khachatrian, Sotera Defense; J.

Guo, National University of Defense Technology A layout hardened divider with the mandatory updating mechanism that can recover from the error state to normal state is proposed for clock and data recovery.

The experiment shows complete SEE immunity during ion strikes. Chen, University of Saskatchewan; H.

Esoc board

The SEEs sensitivities for each block as well as the effects of varying parameters were analyzed.IGS Workshop - Website Available May 9, The IGS is pleased to announce upcoming IGS Workshop in five-day workshop will bring scientists, engineers, and geodesists from all over the world to the campus of Wuhan University for a week of presentations, discussions, and meetings.

- The extension of the Ludwig-Schwamb primary school in Darmstadt-Eberstadt, designed by Stuttgart architects Walter Huber, is already in use since early June and offers space for . MetOp is a series of three polar orbiting meteorological satellites developed by the European Space Agency and operated by the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites ().The satellites form the space segment component of the overall EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS), which in turn is the European half of the .

ESA Euronews: Setting off to Mercury with BepiColombo Mercury is a planetary misfit, an oddball in the solar system, and this month the BepiColombo mission is setting off to study it in unprec.

Urgent Care is a program that allows a diversion from acute inpatient hospital stays. Referrals from Eastern Shore Operations Center (ESOC); Mobile Crisis Teams (MTC); local physicians, hospitals, and other sources can get a patient in for a mental health crisis evaluation within 48 hours, and a psychiatric evaluation within 30 days.

Exposure Lamp Error At trigger on, the lamp was not detected on. • SBU board defective • SIOB board defective • IPU board defective • BCU board defective.

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