Government intervention vs personal freedom essay

What are the opposing philosophies of each system?

Government intervention vs personal freedom essay

By Leslie Kramer Updated January 9, — 9: Market economies and command economies occupy two polar extremes in the organization of economic activity.

Safety vs. Freedom - Is safety worth giving up your liberty?

The primary differences lie in the division of labor or factors of production and the mechanisms that determine prices. The activity in a market economy is unplanned; it is not organized by any central authority but is determined by the supply and demand of goods and services.

The United States, England, and Japan are all examples of market economies, as are most developed, democratic nations. China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union are all examples of command economies.

The most common title associated with a market economy is capitalism.

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Individuals and businesses own the resources and are free to exchange and contract with each other without decree from government authority.

The collective term for these uncoordinated exchanges is the "market. Consumer preferences and resource scarcity determine which goods are produced and in what quantity; the prices in a market economy act as signals to producers and consumers who use these price signals to help make decisions.

Governments play a minor role in the direction of economic activity. Command Economy - Central Direction Under a command economy, governments own all of the factors of production such as land, capital, and resources, and government officials determine when, where and how much is produced at any one time.

This is also sometimes referred to as a "planned economy. Since decision-making is centralized in a command economy, the government controls all of the supply and sets all of the demand. Prices cannot arise naturally like in a market economy, so prices in the economy must be set by government officials.

Government intervention vs personal freedom essay

In a command economy, macroeconomic and political considerations determine resource allocation, whereas, in a market economy, the profits and losses of individuals and firms determine resource allocation.

Key Figures and Their Critiques Karl Marxa German philosopher, argued that a market economy was inherently unequal and unjust because power would be concentrated in the hands of the owners of capital. Marx is credited with coining the term capitalism.

John Maynard Keynesan English economist, believed that pure market economies were unable to effectively respond to major recessions and instead advocated for major government intervention to regulate business cycles. Ludwig von Misesan Austrian economist, argued that command economies were untenable and doomed to failure because no rational prices could emerge without competing, private ownership of the means of production.

This would lead to necessarily massive shortages and surpluses. Milton Friedmanan American economist, noted that command economies must limit individual freedom to operate. He also believed that economic decisions in a command economy would be made based on the political self-interest of government officials and not promote economic growth.Personal Choices vs.

Public Health Should the government enact laws to regulate healthy responsibility rather than one requiring government intervention ().

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In other words, if a person eats unhealthy food and (either we have complete freedom of choice or we have government regulations and lose our freedom) and instead need to see.

Less than years after Locke wrote his Two Treatises of Government, Thomas Jefferson used his theory in writing the Declaration of Independence.

Although Locke spoke out for freedom of thought, speech, and religion, he believed property to be the most important natural right.

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The Limits of Freedom of Expression - Introduction The aim of this essay is to critically examine the limits of freedom of expression. The limits or constraints of free expression, in most cases, refer to the abuse of free speech, which may cause harm or offence.

Government intervention vs personal freedom essay

Economic freedom helps political freedom To a thinker like Milton Friedman or Joseph Hayek, economic freedom of capitalism is associated with political freedom. A state that limits the rights of individuals to set up a business or choose where to work will invariably face greater political interference.


Furthermore, if you must choose between a Democrat and a Republican, try to remain as true as you can to liberty — pick the candidate who does the most to increase individual liberty (and/or decrease government intervention).

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