How writing changed the world essay

Share via Email Salman Rushdie said in an interview once that "if literature is not an argument with the world then it is nothing". All fiction writers are inevitably concerned with politics, whether it be with a big or small 'p': Think of Virginia Woolf and Mrs Dalloway, and the very deliberate experiment that she made with character, showing how fictions really were "fictions" and thereby incapable of encompassing the whole of human experience. She had a point, and was using fiction as a means of making it.

How writing changed the world essay

Is writing worth it? Are your stories worth telling? And if you pursue your dreams and dare to write, can your writing change the world? Syrian writer Nabeel Kallas dreams of inspiring us to find hope, life, and a common humanity even amidst war.

Click here to support Nabeel and get your copy of his new book, When the Jasmine Returns. He writes vividly of his life amidst war: Can you imagine living the life where sleeping to the sounds of gunshots and bangs in the street next to yours is just an everyday kind of incident? Can you live with the fact that you and your entire nation are thought of being terrorists and therefore banned from entering Europe or America—in other words, any beautiful country?

Would it be enough for you to live the life where everything is way less than it normally should be—from Christmas lights, to even reducing the times you get out of home because getting out increases the odds of your death?

So you start to cut down on the gatherings with friends or even that walk along your favorite street in the Christmas season with your favorite holiday songs in your ears.

how writing changed the world essay

And even when you decide to take the chance on that troubled day, you realize that there are no Christmas lights whatsoever in that street that always used to shine so bright in such days that you could see it from outer space. In your little room. You think of it as your safe haven.

Until your neighbor gets shot by a stray bullet while sleeping peacefully in his bed. He had to dream—and to write.

The Power of Story Nabeel had always loved to write. But as the war intensified and the dangers around him heightened, writing became an escape, a space where he could nurture dreams that seemed impossible to achieve. With this in mind, he began to write his first novel, When the Jasmine Returns.

It was about fantasizing about the life I wanted to have. Studying in Med school, having a couple of close friends to share my daily life with, meeting my perfect girl, nurturing my dreams, having this cozy, lovable life. Yet as he wrote, his dreams shifted. What if he could not only write a book, but publish it?

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What if he could share his story with the world? What if his writing changed the world? He wanted to publish it, to share with the world a story that had never been told. And his new dream dramatically changed what he wrote. I realized I needed it to be more realistic, by not running away from the fact that this dreamy guy is living in a war-torn country.

I knew I had to insert this huge dimension into the story, for its own sake. Writing at first was so amusing and heartwarming.

how writing changed the world essay

Because I was writing about the life I was running to. The collision of these two lives is what the novel is all about. This actually is the life every one of us lives daily: To what degree can we decrease the gap between these two? How long can we ignore our own reality?

How long will it leave us alone before reminding us of itself again? What is life like in the eyes of twenty-something boys and girls in the midst of a war? But do they kill dreams, too? Or do dreams insist to even stay in our dead bodies because they just do not have that turn off button? I was looking at the sky.All essays and research papers are written from the scratch.

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How Writing Changed the World. the entire ancient world had writing schemes that vastly improved the efficiency of economies, the accountability of governments and, maybe most importantly to.

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