Write around circle photoshop cc

Never one to take a back seat, I thought I'd throw my basic Photoshop version into the mix!

Write around circle photoshop cc

Click to view larger image I could now see a narrowed set of keywords in the Keyword list next to the Date panel. As I expanded the Places keyword subfolders, I came across the keyword for the town of Sineu—that's the place I was looking for! I clicked the Attribute tab and then clicked the 2-star filter to narrow the selection further.

I hid the Filter barapplied an Edit Select All to select all of the photos, and pressed the key to add the selected photos to a Quick Collection.

Click to view larger image I pressed again to reveal the Filter bar and did a new search. This time, I used a text search for photos with the keyword Malta and with a rating of two stars and higher.

I again chose Edit Select All, and pressed Click to view larger image The Quick Collection now contained 23 selected photos and it was time to make this temporary collection more permanent. I chose Edit Select All to select all of the photos, clicked the Add Collection button at the top of the Collections panel, selected the Create Collection option, and titled this new collection Mediterranean Towns.

Click to view larger image Here is the final stored collection, which represents the combined result of the two separate Lightroom catalog searches. This quick introduction by no means covers everything you need to know about metadata searches and collections.

But it does at least give you a rough idea of how and why it is useful to use keywords to tag photos in the catalog and also why you don't necessarily need to be concerned with how the photos are actually stored in the system folders.

Metadata panel Let's now look at the Metadata panel. At the top is the Metadata Preset menu with the same options as those found in the Import dialog Apply During Import panel see page for more about creating and applying metadata presets.

Below this are fields that show basic information about the file such as the File Name and Folder. These are all editable, and when you click in a blank field, you can enter custom metadata, such as the image title and copyright information.

This data is informational only and shows things like the file size dimensions, the camera used to take the photograph, camera settings, lens, and so forth.

The action arrow buttons that appear in the Metadata panel views provide useful quick links. For example, if you click the Folder button circledthis takes you directly to a view of the folder contents that the selected photo belongs to.

Many of the items in the Metadata panel have action arrows or other buttons to the right of each metadata list item. These provide additional functions. For example, if you click the action arrow button next to the Folder name circled in Figure 4. Metadata panel view modes If the Metadata panel in your version of Lightroom looks different from the one shown in Figure 4.

If you click the view menu shown in Figure 4. But if you want to work with a more manageable Metadata panel view, I suggest you select a Metadata panel view more suited to the task at hand. The Large Caption view mode displays a nice, large Caption metadata field, which gives you lots of room in which to write a text caption.

The large caption space here does at least make the Caption field easy to target—click anywhere in the Caption field and you can start typing.

write around circle photoshop cc

While you are in data entry mode, hitting or Figure 4. The Location panel mode offers a metadata view that is perhaps more useful for reviewing travel photographs. And finally, the Minimal and Quick Describe view modes are suited for compact Metadata panel viewing, such as when working on a small-sized screen or laptop.

General and EXIF metadata items Let's now look in more detail at the items that can be displayed in the Metadata panel.

Many metadata items can be displayed here and most of them are fairly self-explanatory, but I've included explanations for those that are not so obvious, or that offer some interesting hidden tips and features.

You might not see everything that's listed here when you compare this with what you are seeing on your copy of Lightroom; that's because certain items require the metadata to be present before it can be displayed.

So, if you don't have an audio sidecar file attached or GPS metadata embedded in the file, you won't see such items listed in this panel view. He has added some useful pages to his Web site that include "Jeffrey's Lightroom Configuration Manager. To reach this page, go to http: File Name This displays the file name for the currently selected photo.

If you need to change the name of a file, you can't do so directly in the content area, so you need to use this field in order to make any name changes. If you want to carry out a batch rename action, select the photos and click the button to the right to open the Rename Photo dialog.

Sidecar Files The Sidecar Files item shows up whenever there is a sidecar file associated with an image.This week we’re doing our second Divi Nation Short. It’s actually much shorter than most shorts will be as we move forward but I’ve been gearing up to attend Miami WordCamp and my week has been full of travel plans, packing, and gear testing.

Learn how to wrap text around or inside a shape in Photoshop and also how to use paths to wrap text inside or around a picture. and keep Shift pressed while doing it so that it creates a perfect circle, just like the image we have.

to wrap text around or inside an image in Photoshop is not so hard if you know how to make use and take. Name Type Description Manufacturer Location Keywords; SPSS: Statistical A statistical Package, designed for analysing data.

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The following post is from Australian photographer Neil Creek who is part of the recently launched Fine Art Photoblog, and is participating in Project – a photo a day for a year – on his blog. Welcome to the third lesson in Photography – A Basic Course on the Camera.

In this series, [ ].

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write around circle photoshop cc

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